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Fuzzy Almond Toscana shearling gloves with Merino shearling interior. Wear these for chilly winter days. 

100% Toscana Shearling, 100% Nappa Lamb Leather, Lining: 100% Merino Shearling

Handcrafted in Hungary

ONAR carefully selects the finest materials to guarantee our manufacturing standards. Grain and color variations are a natural characteristic which make each item unique.
Rain, sleet or snow will not harm your shearling, since shearling is a material that recovers itself. 
If your gloves get wet from rain or snow, the excess wetness can be shaken off and then leave the gloves for a while to dry. 
Toscana shearling might react to wetness by becoming curlier. If brushed after it has dried, it will reshape to its original shape.

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