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ONAR redefines the possibilities of leatherwork.

With a wide-eyed dedication to innovation and a defiant disobedience of their artisanal heritage, ONAR stimulates your senses and sensibilities.

Irene Kostas, founder and artistic director, lead the family tradition astray into a dimly-lit, brightly coloured, all night utopia; 

a suburban nightmare of vibrant, richly textured leathers and shearlings that will ignite your visceral desire to roam.

The daring approach has been applauded by the industry with ONAR being featured in several fashion museum exhibitions and selected as a Vogue Talents Finalist, as well as collaborating with the Finnish design house Artek.

Audacious and understood instinctively by the brave, ONAR is for those who decide on uncensored expression and for those who know that life’s too short.




The quality and craftsmanship of an ONAR garment follows a narrative that leads back over centuries. Designer, Irene Kostas, is from a family of fur artisans and grew accustomed to leathers, furs and shearlings from a young age, gaining an understanding of the materials that allows her to push the possibilities of finish, design and fabric experimentation.

As well as the designer’s background, ONAR pieces are produced in regions of Europe known for their leatherwork, areas where the skills and knowledge have been passed on through the generations and they take immense pride in their work.

It is out of respect for the traditional and skill involved in working with these natural and specialised materials that ONAR approach their work advocating a slower, sustainable and forward thinking approach.





ONAR strives towards creating a culture of respect within the many facets of their business. From the materials used to the construction and on to the consumer, their core responsibility is how the collections are created in harmony with the wider environmental and social landscape.



The vivid leather colours are created using vegetable dyes and their shearling products are made using chrome-free tanning. The vegetable tanning process preferred by ONAR is a slower, more specialised method which results in products that are biodegradable and created without using chemicals that are damaging the environment.

ONAR commits to a zero-waste policy within their working practice and their pieces are created using only secondary and existing materials.



In working with leathers and shearlings, ONAR’s concern is that they respect the natural beauty of the animals and no living creature is exploited or harmed for their products. ONAR only work with suppliers who guarantee that the animal has lived freely, not in a cage, and they use only the by-product material from the food industry that would otherwise go to waste.



ONAR is proud to work with skilled artisans to create pieces of exquisite quality. The garments are produced by leather craftsmen who have worked with the materials for years and who themselves highly respect the materials they use. The outcome is a traceable luxury product that is guaranteed to last for generations.


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