IN STOCK JOY Vest Reversible Ivory 36


Product Details

JOY vest is expertly made from sleek merino shearling that can be reversed to the smooth ivory leather side depending on your outfit. Curly shearling nods to the seventies, but in a strictly minimalist form. You can switch easily between the leather and shearling as the pockets and button-fastenings are on both sides. JOY will make a stunning addition to your everyday wardrobe rotation. Layer it over a sweater or even a light jacket. 

  • 100 % merino shearling 
  • Material origin: EU (Spain) 
  • Handcrafted in Greece 
  • Lightweight

Size & Fit 

  • Fits true to size - if you are between sizes, choose a smaller size. 
  • Model is wearing size 36. 36 is large to its size and fits well as size 38. 

Size 32: length 68 cm, circumference 108 cm
Size 34: length 69 cm, circumference 112 cm
Size 36: length 70 cm, circumference 116 cm
Size 38: length 71 cm, circumference 120 cm
Size 40: length 72 cm, circumference 124 cm
Size 42: length 73 cm, circumference 128 cm
Size 44: length 74 cm, circumference 132 cm
Size 46: length 75 cm, circumference 136 cm

Length grows 1 cm per size, circumference 4 cm per size


JOY Vest is delivered within 3-5 weeks from placing your order. 

On preorders, we offer an alternative payment term of 50 % at order confirmation, 50 % upon delivery. If you would like to use the made-to-order specific payment term, please use the 'PREORDER' code at the checkout. We will send you the final bill a few days before the delivery of the garment.

Return Policy: Complimentary returns within 14 days from receiving the order.



We use only premium shearling that is a byproduct resource; all shearlings are traceable European origin (Britain, Italy, Iceland, Spain and Greece)and the clothes are handmade in Greece and in Finland. ONAR strictly follows a zero-waste policy. The tanneries belong to Leather Working Group that on its behalf controls sustainable practices among the leather industry.


Love & Care

Grain and color variations are natural characteristics that make each item unique. Rain, sleet or snow will not harm your shearling, since shearling is a material that recovers itself. If your coat gets wet from rain or snow, the excess wetness can be shaken off and the coat left to dry.

To learn more how to preserve your ONAR garment to last for generations please take a look at our Product Care >

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