The quality and craftsmanship of an ONAR garment follow a narrative that leads back over centuries.

Designer Irene Kostas is from a family of artisans. Raised in Finland, she grew accustomed to leathers and shearlings from a young age, following the knowledge of her family rooted in Greece.

A deep understanding of the unique material of shearling and leather allows her to push the possibilities of finish, design and fabric experimentation, but more importantly, combine the centuries-long traditions with contemporary forms.

ONAR pieces are handcrafted in regions that are known for their leatherwork traditions, currently in two locations in Greece. Skills and knowledge of the artisans have been passed on from generation to generation, and family members continuing the work of their ancestors take immense pride in their work.

Respecting the traditions and skills involved in working with the specialised materials, ONAR advocates a sustainable yet pioneering way of working.

Combining novelty design with artisanal heritage creates the special touch and feel of ONAR. Each piece handcrafted from the beginning till the end, to ensure the highest quality of craftmanship and a long-lasting value for the user.

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