Product Care

ONAR carefully selects the finest materials to guarantee quality. All leather is died according to the ONAR colour palette and finished following the company standards. Leather is a natural material with grain and colour variations as natural characteristics meaning that each item, in the end, is unique, despite careful selection and handcrafting. 

The beauty of shearling is that rain, sleet or snow will not harm it since the material recovers itself. If your gloves get wet from rain or snow, the excess wetness can be shaken off and then leave the gloves for a while to dry.

Toscana shearling might react to wetness by becoming curlier. Brushed after it has dried will reshape the wool to its original form.

To care for and extend the life of your product, we recommend following the instructions below:

  • Prevent long exposure to direct light, heat and humidity.

  • Avoid contact with water, cosmetics and oil-based substances.

  • Avoid storing in unbreathable bags such as plastic bags.

  • Store the garment in a hanger. Avoid folding in compact spaces.

  • In case of stains or spots, please do not attempt to clean a shearling. Please leave it to an Authorized Furcare Specialist. If you spill something on the suede leather side, gently blot the excess with a damp cloth while being careful not to rub it in further or spread it into a larger area.

  • Never put your shearling into a washer or dryer.

  • Avoid brushing merino, tigrado and UK shearling.

  • You can care for our leather products by using a suitable leather cream and following their instructions.

Caring and looking after your ONAR garment will preserve its quality and make the garment last for generations.

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