ONAR's sustainable foundation is built on circularity and innovative use of ecological shearling. The family-run business was founded in 2014 by Finnish-Greek creative director Irene Kostas.

ONAR is staying true to its heritage: both Irene’s father and uncle are leather artisans. This approach, with non-plastic materials or farmed furs, is part of the family DNA. As a made-to-last sustainable luxury label, Onar prioritizes material traceability, ethical sourcing, and transparency. The lamb skins are a by-product of the food industry and sourced from Europe: the UK, Greece, Italy, and Spain. The company also follows a strict zero-waste policy in production. The tanneries belong to Leather Working Group, which controls sustainable practices in the leather industry.

Shearling is a natural material with some amazing features. It recovers from rain, sleet, snow and stains. It is antibacterial and breathable and will adapt to your body temperature, keeping you as warm as needed. For this reason, you can use shearling styles from early fall, through winter, until late spring.

All products are locally and responsibly manufactured in Kastoria, in northern Greece, by highly skilled artisans. The area is, since the Silk Road, historically significant and well-known for leather crafts and manufacturing.

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